When you need a
different point of view.

Hi, I’m Per Elling, and this is my business card. I work in real estate development, but also as an advisor for leaders, businesses and entrepreneurs. Below you’ll find a brief overview of my projects. I'm fully booked at the moment, but feel free to connect if you want to collaborate. If I'm not able to help, I might know someone who can.

Sometimes I do TV

Since I was a child, I've always liked the concept of storytelling, and the visual storytelling the most. I've been lucky enough to implement this in my work, and though I'm more comfortable behind the camera than on, I do some guest appearances on TV-shows. I've done three so far, all real estate - related. This fall I'll be hosting for the first time, when I'm on two episodes of the show "Boligjakten" equivalent to American "House hunters".

Sequoia - Lofty ambitions

Over the course of my time in real estate I’ve been in thousands of homes. I've also renovated some, and I love recreating something old and unattractive into a beautiful home. Lofts and factories are my favourite development programs, and I’ve been lucky enough to join forces with Sequoia, some of the best people in this  niche-industry. I feel as though I learn more from these guys than I advise them, and I’m grateful that they want my contribution. If you have a property that you’re thinking of selling or developing, let me know!


I like sharing. Through my 18 years being a real estate-nerd I've shared my knowledge to thousands of people.  You can only accomplish so much in person, via e-mail or on the phone, and with all my projects, that time is limited. With "eiendomsmeg" I aim to share my insights on buying, selling, renovating and investing in real estate, and make the information free, easy and accessible for everyone. Since know-how is wildly different depending on the local market, this is mainly an Oslo-based project communicated in Norwegian.

Gi bort dagen

Doing my MBA in strategic management, I did my project assignment on social entrepreneurship. It helped me see how organisations with different goals and metrics than financial worked, and inspired me to do more to contribute. So what do you do when you don't have a cause of your own? Invest in someone who does! I've been a fan of Maria Peltokangas for some years now, and when she asked me to help her on her mission to make businesses do more for their community, their employees and the planet, I had to say yes. If you need to be more sustainable, as a person, as a leader or as a business, and want to contribute to reaching the UNs sustainable development goals, reach out to Maria and "Gi bort dagen".

Tresfjord / Sjøholt

I'm based in Oslo, Norway, but my upbringing was on the beautiful west coast of Norway. My parents still live here on our family property, and this is where family and friends go to rest and rejuvenate. The nature, with its combination of fjords, mountains and forests truly is magical. My mission is to find a way we can develop the property in a sustainable way for generations to come. 

Notar is my “baby”

Established in 1987, Notar was the largest privately-owned real estate broker chain in Norway in the 2000s. Established in 15+ countries with a multitude of sub-departments within tech, law, marketing, accounting and more it was "too big too fail". And crashed dramatically during the financial crisis. Luckily, a small group of us were able to buy the brand and transformed the business model from a big franchise to a small company owned by its employees. Now, 65 employees and counting, I'm proud of what Notar has become, and I'm still excited about the potential. I give lectures on the journey of brand development and crisis management and remain active as an advisor.

Being a better you by getting shit done

I try to implement technology in everything I do, including household chores. Trying to engage my nephews in helping their parents I started gamifying their chores (hint, it works). I've spent about 1000 hours trying to make emptying the dishwasher a little bit funnier. Sometimes I am amazed on how much time I can spend on a project, just to avoid another task that I find boring. I'm about to succeed though, and I work on a tiny tech-startup with a mission to help you get your shit together.

I like to write

I find writing to be a good way to structure thoughts. Sometimes I challenge myself to put those thoughts out there, and I’ve published everything from essays and blog-posts to content marketing, posts in public debates and written short stories. I love doing it, but rarely find the time. Still, feel free to ask me to write.

My first external job as a board member was at a bank

Whatever you are trying to accomplish, that being buying a house or starting a business, a bank might prove important. When I lived in my hometown I spend four years on the board of the local bank. Being on that side of the table gave me valuable insight both in how the world of finance works, and how banks conduct client-evaluation. Ørskog sparebank is still my preferred bank, and they have provided great service both to me and clients I’ve represented. Their philosophy of being hands-on, settings aside enough time, and talking to their clients over a cup of coffee coincides with mine at many levels.

I started with real estate at 20, and used to be a fairly decent real estate agent.

When I got into the real estate business it was poorly regulated, with a low level of trust in the public eye. Anyone could become an agent, and I was twenty years old with no experience and made a lot of mistakes. In a business with a lot of hustlers I worked hard to prove that you can find success as a real estate agent without cutting corners. Today Norway has among the best real estate agents in the world, in a highly trained and educated business. It's amazing to reflect over this transition and though it's not a perfect system, buying a home in Norway now is pretty safe.

I published my first magazine at 15

Combining my interests in marketing, football, gaming and writing with my desire to make money, a friend and I started an analog ”fantasy football league” with a magazine coming out every two weeks. This was in the early nineties, way before ”Fantasy premier league”, and who knows what would have happened if we had stayed in the game. It took too much time from school (at least our parents thought so), and we shut down after about a year. We did not go bankrupt though, there is still 50 NOK in an account somewhere.

My first business was in tech.

My Mother would say that my main goal in life as a teenager was to make as much money as possible with as little effort as possible. But then again, what teenager doesn’t think like that? Anyways, with my father being an electrical engineer I learned early on to build my own computer. I made money by hiring myself out, fixing neighbours and parents computers at the age of twelve. I hope mother would say my goals have broadened since then. Ask me about her, and how she made me, she’s awesome.